Trident Leverage delivers measurable results with innovative cutting edge application of Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Process Management. Our approach tailors the design and implementation of your Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Management to your specific organizational needs, challenges, transforming your organizations adaptability, accountability, and profitability.


Do you understand what is driving your business?

Knowledge is essential to successful performance and the right focus comes from insight and actionable data. Data is expensive to gather and too often missing or wrong data lead to costly decisions. Our Assessment Process discovers and documents where you are, what must be measured and how to decide what needs attention. With Transparency, you can decide what is needed for your application of Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Management to achieve significant improvement in business results.


Are your processes meeting the requirements and demands of your business and customers?

Building capability requires discipline that builds your knowledge and skills with the best tools available. Six Sigma capability enables your processes meet the requirements that lead to success with predictability and Lean capability ensures your processes are free of waste, flow unconstrained and are in sync with the demands customers, competitors and the business imposes. Business Process Management capability enables sustainability across your processes.


How well do you create value from improvement opportunities?

Achieving leverage requires follow-through the application of new knowledge, technology and resources where it significantly impacts the bottom line. It accelerates the transformation of waste and lost opportunities into performance and growth. It enables a flexible and agile organization better equipped to face change and respond with improved capability.

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