We are a performance transformation enterprise led by John Evelyn & Kevin Bazinet. We bring extensive experience in the assessment, development and implementation of successful client strategies and execution that achieve sustainable operational excellence.

We created Trident Leverage Group in response to the challenges enterprises face in attacking performance problems in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business landscape. Private and public sector organizations have invested heavily in programs, training and strategies that are diminishing in relevance.

Our Mission is to enable our clients to refocus how performance must be measured, evaluated and transformed – exercising maximum leverage from existing resources and capabilities.


Leverage Your Resources and Capabilities

Focus on the critical Success is often poorly defined and improperly measured and focus is lost by casting improvement efforts too broadly. Resources and capabilities are squandered on non critical performance or imaginary costs.

Balance your approach to effectively address burning issues and the critical investments toward your strategic vision. Too often the immediate overwhelms and diverts attention away from essential efforts.

Tune-up initiatives that have lost their way, or false starts that challenge your credibility. Current and salvageable capability is underutilized. With discipline, a good tune up works wonders with performance.

Un-constrain Your Business Performance

Tailored solutions must be configured with the right design, execution, and talent. Our talent and capability reach comprises a professionals that are at the top their game. We bring experienced and proven masters when and where you need them and manage our relationships with respectful candor and tireless vigilance.

  • We have a proven track record of getting to your constraining issues quickly
  • We will fit what we do and who we bring to your needs, readiness, and business drumbeat
  • We measure success by how quickly your performance goals are met.

Our client experiences range from multinational Fortune 500 to medium enterprises in private and public sectors. We bring exceptional proven talent, insight, and bandwidth.

We Measure Our Business Success by the Improvements in Your Business Performance!

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