John Evelyn imageJohn C Evelyn


John brings over twenty years of agile insight that quickly identify and crystallize customer strategic and operational business issues. He has earned the role of trusted advisor across a wide range of organizations in the private and public sectors, domestic and multi-national.

With extensive experience in guiding very successful business transformations and the development of hundreds of exceptionally capable business professionals, John has developed a timely and innovative approach to operational excellence in today’s turbulent business and public service environment.

His experience and expertise includes leading teams of professionals and personal delivery of Enterprise and Organizational Strategic Alignment, Global Six Sigma and Lean Transformations, Enterprise Value Stream Analysis, Business Process Management, Voice of The Customer, and a range of tailored coaching and development engagements.

John earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters of Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami. Following his key contributions within Florida Power and Light which led to the first award of the Deming Prize outside of Japan, John began a global career of enabling innovative solutions to challenging business and strategic issues.


Kevin Bazinet imageKevin Bazinet

Managing Partner

Kevin Bazinet is a highly sought-after professional who has developed hundreds of highly capable Lean Six Sigma professionals across the world. He personifies the application of what he teaches and coaches in his practice and values. His insight and experience bring a rich bandwidth of real world applications that bring relevance and confidence to his workshops, coaching and mentoring. Kevins consulting origins were built upon years of applying and leading Lean Six Sigma transformations of performance with major bottom line impact. His subsequent practice has brought the same track record of measurable and sustained business results.

Kevin is a certified Master Black Belt who has consulted and transformed performance in sectors and industries comprising public and private sectors, services and manufacturing, and domestic and multinational. He brings refreshing candor and personal commitment to all his engagements. Highly respected by clients worldwide, his earned role as trusted advisor reaches across years of being the go-to person when clients face new challenges. He his highly regarded across his peer community for his capability, responsiveness and integrity.

Kevin served in the United States Air Force for eight years, towards the end of the Vietnam War era. After completing his Air Force career, he began going to college in the evenings, completing an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Bachelors in Business Management, all while working full time as a manager in an electronic manufacturing firm. This provided Kevin with the unique opportunity to apply classroom teaching to his day to day business operations. Kevin is one of the rare individuals who truly speaks from experience.

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